The Best Exercises For Sciatica And Lower Back Pain

Sciatica and lower back pain are caused by an irritation or compression of the lower back nerve. It is a very common issue nowadays, and studies even suggest that 5 to 10% of Americans suffer from it.

In order to relieve back pain, you should establish a stretching routine. These stretches and exercises in particular will help you decrease your back pain over time.

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  1. I had sciatica for almost 2 years and was unable to sit and walk. Chiropractors, acupuncture didn't help me at all. The situation was really bad. However, one day by searching google for alternative treatments I found an e-book that was created by former sciatica sufferer. He claimed that he cured his severe sciatica in one week at his home. I was skeptical about it, but I had nothing to lose, so I bought that e-book ( After receiving it, I didn't believe that some specific stretches can help me to deal with sciatica, but I started following it and surprisingly after first session my pain was almost gone! It didn't last long until my sciatica went away permanently. So from now on, I recommend everyone who have sciatica to practice specific stretches and hope for the best.

  2. Let me first say that I absolutely don't know the first single thing about lower back pain, except that it's a pain the the proverbial back side, but I know a thing or two about sciatica.

    The sciatica nerve runs through (as in: not around, under, or over: through!) a muscle in your butt. When that muscle is inflamed it pinches the sciatica nerve. Ouch. It hurts, really hurts. I understand that.

    Stretching helps, Ibuprofen helps, lots of things help but the pain wont really go away until the inflammation goes away. When you make that butt mussel stronger and longer (i.e. more flexible) life will be better. Everything else is a band-aide on a cancer sore. STRETCH. Stretch now. Don't wait until it cripples you. Stretch.


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