She Places PVC Pipes In The Bathroom, What Is Created Is Something Very Useful!

Here are 14 awesome uses of PVC pipes in your home and garden. From a smart storage ideas for your hair dryer, wine rack, organizers to garden planters and much more. Check out all of these creative ideas!

1. You Can Organize your shoes

Stack some PVS pipes up and create a space saving shoe rack!. See the full tutorial here.

2. Plant your succulents in PVC pipes

Why pay money for expensive planters.  This is an inexpensive and creative way to grow your own succulents. See the full tutorial here.

3. Hang your razors and organize your shower accessories

Grab some zip ties and PVC pipes and tie them to your shower caddy to hold razors or other small bathing accessories. See the full tutorial here.

4. Set out silverware on the table

Combine some small PVC pipes and fill them with silverware.  This is perfect for dinner parties, BBQ's or any type of event where people will be eating. See the tutorial here.

5.Store your boots to keep them looking new

It's not easy storing large boots in the closet.  This clever trick will save you space and keep your boots looking fresh and new.  See the tutorial here.

6. Create door decor, ornaments, and wreaths

Get creative and make some ornaments for your door.  Grab the kids and have fun, the possibilities are endless. Learn how to make it here.

7. Organize your hair care appliances

Declutter those bathroom counters with this easy tutorial. Learn how to make it here.

8. Hang and organize your measuring spoons

Keep your measuring spoons organized to make cooking easier.  You can write the size of each spoon on the PVC pipes! Learn how here.

9. Organize and declutter your desk

Use PVC pipes to store pens, pencils, markers, paper clips and whatever else will fit that is on your desk.  This is great for your craft room and for kids too. See the tutorial here.

10. Store your yard tools and accessories

See how to make it here.

11. Hide your toothbrushes and keep them clean

Keep the toothbrushes off the counter and away from germs. Learn how to make it here.

12. Put away toys and keep them organized

Keep the toys off the floor.  No more stepping on the plastic cars and hurting your feet! Your kids wil love seeing all their toy options in one neat place. Learn how to make it here.

13. Use PVC Pipes as drawer organizers

Perfect for socks and underwear. See how to make it here.

14. Make a vase for flowers

With some skinny PVC pipes and spray paint you have yourself a beautiful and cheap vase.  Perfect for Spring! See the full tutorial here.


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