Watch This Amazing Dining Room Transformation Unfold Step By Step

We found an astonishing DIY lounge area change that we knew we needed to impart to our perusers. A part from, MidnightXII, gave point by point photos on how he changed his old lounge area space into an a great deal more utilitarian, down to earth and excellent eating territory. You can take after along underneath in the regulated photos to see the greater part of the work that was included, and get enlivened to dispatch your own DIY venture at home!

dining room makeover

What's more, recall, these sorts of tasks don't need to burn up all available resources either. With some fundamental materials, for example, two-by-fours and dab board, there's a considerable measure you could manufacture! Scan through the photographs underneath and observe how this man consumed a plain space and spiced it up, making a wonderful and inviting lounge area that he and his family could appreciate for quite a long time to come.

1. This is what the dining area looked like initially:

2. Preparing the space:

3. Beginning to install the supports and studs:

4. A closer look at the beginning process:

5. Vertical supports are installed to give the booth stability:

6. Square supports attached to the wall in lieu of studs:

7. Here you can see the supports wrapping around the whole area:

8. Plywood is laid for the bench seating:

9. The seat foam is cut and put in place:

10. Waterproof fabric was chosen for the benches for easy clean up:

11. Here you can see the fabric being prepared for the bench seats:

12. Bead board is installed for the bench facing:

13. Here’s a closeup of the bead board:

14. An opening is cut in the facing for a vent:

15. Now the vent is installed in the opening:

16. The trim is put in place:

17. Here’s a closeup of the trim work:

18. Final touches – the facing is painted white:

19. A custom table was built to work perfectly within the space:

20. Here is the finished project, fully decorated:

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