Bubble Quilt multicolor

Materials (for the size I made which was about 24×44 without the ruffle):
16 different colors of scrap fabric (if you want to do the rainbow)1 yard cheap crappy fabric for the base of the puffs (you won’t be able to see them)1 yard minky1 1/2 yard silky fabric for the ruffleSome poly-fil

One thing's for certain it's a DIY you'll adoration to attempt and possibly make one for a blessing! awaitingada.com is a genius at making these and has a superb instructional exercise so we can figure out how to make our own! You should simply tap the connection beneath and you can then start your own special air pocket quilt… .
Here's the Full tutorial:Bubble Quilt – Puff Blanket – Biscuit Quilt

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