20 Clever Hidden Storage Ideas

Hidden storage can be fun to use and make, and it play an important part in protecting items in your home. Take a look at these clever hidden storage ideas, which include hidden stairway storage, hiding trash can in a tilt-open-door cabinet, bathroom storage case behind the mirror, hidden storage headboard and etc. Some of the ideas are products that you can purchase from most hardware stores or Wal-Mart, but most are things that you can do yourself to create a hideaway storage area in your home.

Clever Hidden Storage Ideas!
Fabulous reclaimed wood shelves with a hidden drawer,

Unique hidden storage headboard,

Hidden Outlet Wall Safe. It looks like an electrical outlet but it is a great place to hide your valuables.

Nifty Niches Niches carved out between wall studs provide the prefect spot to conceal bathroom items of all shapes and sizes.

Column style corners on this kitchen island are more than just decorative. Opening the recessed panel with a push latch reveals hidden cookbook storage.

Rustic DIY coffee table with a hidden drawer,

Hidden space behind a picture,

Create hidden storage in the bathroom by simply remove a tile or two and making a hole. A perfect place to hide valuables.

This hollow computer keyboard provides a good place to store little items.

A big bathroom storage case behind the mirror to hold all the goodies,

The built in cabnet surrounding this tub provides enough space for extra cleaning sponges, shampoo, and soap.

A clever bath mirror with side pull out shelves that let users access items without interrupting their looking glass view.

Hide bathroom cabnets behind wall art. They provide more than enough hidden storage.

Hide your bedroom TV in this coffee table.

Hide your trash can in style with this tilt open door cabinet.

Chair with hidden storage,

Floating Shelf with Secret Storage,

Hidden storage behind the books spines,

Hidden storage in bathroom for tub, shampoo and conditioner, etc.

Hidden Stairway Storage,

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