13 Awesome Outdoor Bench Projects

I love to linger in the garden, to actually spend time there. It’s not enough for me to just have the neighbors compliment my yard, or to know I increased the salability of my home. I live for, and in, the garden when I can. To do that, you have to eventually sit down. :) I love a garden bench because they can be easily moved, accommodate a thoughtful spot without blocking the garden itself, and makes an easy DIY project.

13 Outdoor Bench Projects, Ideas,  Tutorials:

A garden (or outdoor) bench is a seat, and some means to support that seat. Two blocks and a board will accomplish it, but I think you will agree these DIY garden benches are a far step above that, yet almost as easy! Giving yourself a place in the garden to contemplate and de-stress can change the way you look at it. (And everything else!)
Our first project is a cinder block bench created by Hello Daly. I love it because it’s simple for anyone to do, it’s inexpensive, and it will last! I also love it’s more contemporary look. Good step by step photos.
Here's the link

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