How To Apply Glitter To Glass

I must be straightforward… I am not the greatest devotee of sparkle. That is putting it mildly. I despise sparkle. I abhor that it waits on my garments for quite a long time and that it turns up in the house days after you are done playing with it. That being said, I cherish this DIY sparkle glass. I may have the capacity to get over my sparkle abhorrence sufficiently long to make maybe a couple of these. We'll see. 

This is a straightforward DIY, ideal for each level of crafter. You require Mod Podge, sparkle, a paint brush, and a wine glass. Basic right? I'd say certainly hand wash this one. It doesn't seem as though it would hold up in the dishwasher.
This roundup from Buzzfeed has 24 other clever things to do with wine glasses. And they really are clever. There is everything from paint to planters. I like number 9. Just in time for the holidays. Love it.

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